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Lunch hour masterclass f*ucking busy


While you are having lunch with your colleagues in Absolute Break, we surprise you with the inspiring story of Thijs Launspach, about stress and burn-outs.

What is stress? What does it do to your body and what does it do in your head? Which techniques are proven to really help reduce stress? Thijs Launspach tells you everything you need to know about stress during this talk.

Thijs Launspach is a psychologist and trainer. He wrote the book Fokking druk (2018) about stress and burn-out. Thijs is a teacher at The School of Life and at the UvA. He has a weekly column about relaxation in AD and can be heard weekly in the radio programme Millennial Mindfuck of BNNVARA.

Participation in this event is free and open to all Atlassers!

Please note: there is a photographer present at this event. When you participate in this event, you give the organization permission to use photos on which you are standing for communication purposes. Do you mind? Let us know via and we make sure you will not be photographed.