Impressive and imposing, Africa offers a generous 19,000 m² of spacious, flexible and fully refurbished offices.

The building

Total office space: 19,000 m²
Available space: Fully let


  • Openable windows

  • Parking ratio 1 in 100, additional parking available in Antarctica

  • 50 watts cooling capacity per sqm

  • Efficient layout of office floors

  • Ventilation rate 2.5-fold based on 100% fresh air

  • Electric parking stations

  • 6 elevators

Want to see the world of Atlas?

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Elianne Gales
Consultant – CBRE B.V.
Advisory & Transaction Services
Anthony Fokkerweg 15,
1059 CM Amsterdam


Sophie F. Fabius
Consultant – Agency I Offices Amsterdam
Parnassusweg 727, 1077 DG Amsterdam

What our tenants say

Personally, the best part about working at the Atlas campus is the feeling of being in the “happening” part of Amsterdam, without being in the city center. The complex is light and spacious and is surrounded by lots of greenery.

To BCN, sustainable entrepreneurship is most important. It is, therefore, very nice to be working on an environment-friendly office complex that is making great strides with regard to sustainability.

Morningstar Sustainalytics will be joining the Atlas ArenA Amsterdam campus in 2022. We are excited to have found a great location in close vicinity to our existing offices to accommodate the company’s growth. We believe the strong sense of community, commitment to sustainability and abundant amenities will contribute to great employee experience. Looking forward to getting started!

We never regretted moving from the Zuidas to Atlas ArenA. In recent years, the area has developed a lot offering hotels and excellent catering options.

The Atlas ArenA Campus offers wonderful, and spacious offices with lots of light and great views.

The campus is easily accessible by bike, train, metro bus, or walk!

Atlas ArenA also offers a large parking garage underneath the office building. For a cozy lunch or drink, we visit Atlas Taste!

For us as a company and for our employees, Atlas ArenA feels like an oasis in the city. It is a very pleasant working environment with lots of natural light. The campus is very well maintained and new initiatives are constantly being developed. A place that is not only very easily accessible but also has a lot to offer: from permanent catering to a food truck festival, sunny terraces and above all a lot of space, greenery and a relaxed atmosphere.”

We have been a tenant at Atlas ArenA for almost 6 years, and we recently extended our lease.

The location and the type of building suit us well. Excellently accessible by public and private transport, no ‘Zuidas palace’, nice and spacious floor plans, an A-status energy label, and all amenities within walking distance.

And this will only be the beginning of a vibrant neighborhood. I am convinced that Amsterdam South-East, especially the area around Bijlmer ArenA Station and up to the AMC, will become the 2nd center of Amsterdam.

We would like to be seen as a pleasant employer by our employees, and housing actually plays an increasingly important role in this as a binding factor. People must enjoy coming to the office. By offering a great working experience, we work on the ‘soul’ of our company, a binding factor that we consider very important as a family business. We want our employees to feel at home, and with the intended changes to Atlas ArenA, this will only improve.

For us, working on the Atlas Campus means working in a spacious place that is easily accessible by car and public transport. We are also very happy with the arrival of Stach, the place for a nice coffee or to get together.

Never a dull moment @ Atlas ArenA! Fun events, great dining options, and lots of greenery! Personally, I think the outdoor meeting garden is brilliant!”

For us, it really feels like working on a campus. Bustle between the buildings, shops nearby, and various food and beverage options for pleasant get-togethers with colleagues. And don’t forget parking and public transport around the corner. Our private office floor has a lot of light with a clean and spacious common area.

A shop, a restaurant, lovely surroundings, a bar that fits our vrijmibo-needs perfectly and being greeted by the very lovely Atlas ArenA-people every morning. What more could one ask for?

We have one of our adidas headquarters located already for the last 14 years in the Atlas ArenA Campus and we are not yet ready to leave!

Great location next to the Bijlmer Station and easily reachable from AMS by bike but also by car.

All the green around the buildings and the beautiful Sequoias encourage our employees to have their informal meetings outside whenever possible.

Not to forget the events… like tulips picking, volleyball tournaments, food truck week,…. which are making life on the campus a lot more fun and provides us with possibilities for networking.

Last but definitely not least, the flexibility we have within the buildings gives us the possibility to create the best workplace for our adidas employees.